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Airtel sms trick, send 100 free sms just for 3 rs.

:: Airtel sms trick ::


Airtel sms trick, send 100 free sms just for 3 rs.

                This is not a free sms trick. But for heavy messagers this is almost like free sms. Actually this is an offer from airtel itself and any one can activate this trick by simply sending an ussd code. This is a free sms pack from airtel which is really very cheap. It costs just 3 rs for 100 sms per day. Doesn’t it sound cool. There is no question about this trick works or not as it is an active offer from airtel. We are posting it here because many of the airtel users are unaware of this trick. There is no daily rental to activate this plan. There is a one time charge for three months. The pack costs 5 rs for 6 moths. Once you activate this free sms pack first three sms of each day will be charged at rs 3 per each sms message you send. and after that you can send free 100 sms messages to anywhere in India. So this plan gives free benefits for airtel subscribers who use sms heavily. And the very best thing is that both local and national message are free.

How to activate airtel free sms pack.

                Follow the instructions shown below to activate free sms pack on airtel. You will be charged one time rs for 3 months and your first three sms will be charged too.
  • dial *555*5#
  • you will get the confirmation message for activating free daily sms pack from airtel
  • 5rs will be deducted from your balance and the pack is active for 180 days.
  • first 3 sms will be charged at rs 1 if its local and rs1.50 if its national
  • every local and national sms from theron till the midnight will be free until you ouch the 100 sms mark
                 So that was all about the free sms offer from airtel. We bet most of the airtel subscribers didnt knew about this trick. So if you found this helpful please do share it with your friends. If you know similar tricks you can post it in the comments section. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the free sms offer explained here please leave a comment. Stay subscribed with us for more free tricks on airtel and other networks. Thanks for reading.

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