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How to unzip files

:: How to unzip files ::

What is .zip?

ZIP is a format of compressed or archived files.

            A ZIP file can contain one or numerous files and folders. Zipped files are compressed to reduce the size of them. Zipping software also permits to archive one or multiple files to be stored as they are or to send them together (e.g. via e-mail). The ZIP format allows a variety of compression algorithms. In ZIP files all files are compressed separately so the direct access is possible.

Which program should one use to unzip the ZIP files?

            Here you can download special software to unzip ZIP files. If you have no access to option of unzipping file or folder with right click on them, you probably don’t have special zip software installed.

Zip Extractor

                    Works great and It is truly free!

Yes this is good software that does what it says it will do and its free. A few steps are required to use the software. I confess, I'm a bit spoiled using Winzip where the software does everything without me having to think about what I'm doing. I just used 7-Zip tonight and Winzip popped up wanting me to pay almost $30. I only used Winzip 2 times during the trial period. I rarely unzip anything. For me 7-Zip was what I needed. For inexperienced computer users, 7-Zip may be a bit complicated because it is very simple to look at. People like real pictures for icons and to be told what to do step by step. Blame it on public education. I will be sad when 7-Zip is no longer free.

How-to use ZIP Extractor?

1. Select all the ZIP files you intend to unzip with left click holding Ctrl key.

2. Right click on them and choose "7zip".

3. In the secondary menu choose "Extract files".

4. In the popped up window choose the location you want to extract your files to (if you want to extract them in the same folder the archive is, don't change anything).

5. Press "OK".

6. Your files are successfully unzipped.

How to unzip files-techbycheck

How to unzip files-techbycheck

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