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How to start blogging

:: How to start blogging ::
How to start blogging-techbycheck
How to start blogging-techbycheck
Introduce :
      Welcome to the best and great article of blogging! The word “ blog ” has abbreviated by geek word “ weblog ”. Blogging is the web-journals there people can share or publish our thoughts and ideas about some topics or opinion on internet. It started out very small end of 20th century and now it covers over 180 million people over the world.
Now we are decided to start a blog at easiest way and become easy to do. There is lots of themes, gadgets, scripting and much more you want. Now you can create your own blog and also share your important opinion about some topics.
Here are some steps :
1. Decide your topic :
This is primary need of every blog. Before you going to set up a blog once think wht you want to talk about on regular basis. A blog with-out updates is a web site and with regular update it will be called fancy diary. Here are some ideas to to help you to make blog famous and primary needs.

  2. Create name :
Think about what your blog focus is and which topic is useful to make blog famous. Then think that name were others will remember you later or they will return back to you for discussion.
1. For example, you are going to make blog on topic love. In this world lots of people whose really want to talk about love, they want to learn also get understanding about love. They will refer your blog.
2. For example, if you are going to make blog on technology, today generation almost all teen angers are involve in getting knowledge about technology and its benefits, so if you are going to make blog on technology so it’s not bad idea to do.

        3. Choose blogging provider that appeals you :
The couples of blogging provider have providing best appeals and attendance. Like blogger and wordpress. This are pre-made with wide range of templates, and drag and drop facility that doesn’t need re technical knowledge – how. 
1. Blogger
2. Wordpress

        4. Click on “ new blog ” or “ Get started ” link :
There are silently different wording for each blog provider. But all are at same place : creating account and defining  your blog. Here I’ve use blogger ( Powered by Google ) as an example. They are also offers similar features.
How to start blogging-techbycheck
How to start blogging-techbycheck

            5. Enter your blog name : 
             ( before you starting to blogging with blogger you must have gmail account. If you don’t have then create and start blogging )
In the blog address field enter blog name which you want to publish on internet. Try to use some popular words and topics.
How to start blogging-techbycheck
How to start blogging-techbycheck

1. Blog automatically lookup to see if there name appears on their system already. Enter your choice blog name and search.
2. blogger will provide you great suggestion on your topic related.

           6. Fill all needed and correct information :
1. Title : Blogger will ask you title of your blog title. Insert your blog title.
2. address : Enter your blog address. ( is compulsory domain for all blogger. You can change after purchasing domain)
3.  Select template : select your topic related templates. Before choosing templates think about your topics belongs to.  If you are going to make blog on technology then choose any technical view templates. As on your topic selection.
4. Click “ create blog ” button.

          7. Using HTML :
You can write your post using HTML coding. Click on HTML button and type your HTML code that helps you to design your post.
How to start blogging-techbycheck
How to start blogging-techbycheck

Using above statement you can create your own blog.. keep visiting to read more articles on blog designing.

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